Your personal English home steward

Woman Today Magazine


April-May 2008 
Lilya Popova

There is no way that you haven’t dreamed of a true English steward who does all the awful everyday things and organizes your parties, in order to have your time for more pleasant activities. But it would be great if he doesn’t hang in the legs all the time.

However, the English steward doesn’t exist in Bulgaria and therefore we are desperately looking for a Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services companies. The Concierge is that person from the big and luxury hotels that the guests look for all kinds of services. 

The first company for this kind of business in Bulgaria is TOdOOR. The number of services is really big and various. “ Still the most ordered services are baby sitters,  housekeepers, translators, interpreters, guides, buying tickets for different concerts”, says Silvia Todorova, owner and director of the company. There is no such a service that they cannot offer, as long as it is legal.

The clients of the company are definitely business people, spending hours at work and almost don’t have any personal free time. “The Bulgarians are still scared to use more than two or three services. Otherwise, foreigners don’t doubt to leave their home keys to us. They call us for everything in the daily life. They don’t have information about the Bulgarian mentality, tendencies, prices” added  Silvia. 

Silvia worked in the tourism business and aviation before she created the company. She defines herself as an aggressive  trade’s woman – she can sell whatever she decides to. Having years of international business experience, wining the respects of others, she decides to open her own company.
At first she thinks only to organize events – something she makes with passion and knowledge.  After that her friends give her the idea that she can manage the life of the busy people and at the moment TOdOOR offers both services to their clients.  The annual fee to become member of TOdOOR is 150 lv. and gives the right to use the services. One our costs 18 lv. There are packages and  the price per hour comes to 14 lv. per hour.