Office party at the end of the year

“Office” Magazine


The end of the year, the time of the holidays is coming and although we are working,  we have to party as well! The question is – do they (the colleagues) deserve to have it or not. This is a decision that every office makes considering the conditions – time, money, desire, atmosphere in the office etc. 

The ones that don’t want to be with their colleagues at the holidays or at any time, please, do not read the following text and make your own plans. 
The party should be with a lot of animations and fun, because after all, at the time of Christmas and New Year, we should have a lot of fun and happy moments, we should believe in our dreams, we should awake the childhood in ourselves. Every party is magic and that’s why it should not be only food and drinks, but to be the moment and time for relaxing, celebrating, and to left spectacular memories in people till the next Christmas party.

The Preparing

The practice proved that the organization of such events should start in September. This is also the best time for selecting the place and book it. Well, nobody is perfect, so we are going to calm down the ones who have forgotten about the Christmas party – there is still enough time, don’t panic! The ones, who would like to make the party in the office, don’t have to worry at all.

At first, we start with gathering information for the party – the number of the quests, what is the target group – employees or clients, because this data is fundamental for the script and, of course, the choice where the party is going to take place. 
The next question is also very important: where has the party been organized previous years, because it would be better if we don’t go over again at least 3 or 4 years. The purpose is variety and satisfaction of the guests. 

After these steps comes the moment to define what can be included and the way to perform at the party – it can be serious and stylish, whether it can be in the restaurant of a 5-star hotel or it can be with more leisure atmosphere in a night club.

In this way, the gathered information gives us the possibility to define 2 or 3 places and the type of script we need. The experts in the amusing office advice us when making the script of the party to give attention to some strange at first glance details. We should define not only the place, animations, menu, decoration, but also the ratio between men and women, working in the company, the average age of the employees and the participants in the event.
The question if we plan a party for employees or for clients or both is fundamental. Every company has its own PR policy and makes its decisions. The experts advise us these two groups to be separated because, unfortunately, these two groups can not relax and have fun at the same place for such kind of party. “In my opinion, the perfect match would be if two absolutely different parties are organized for the two groups of people – one for the employees and one for the clients”, advises Silvia Todorova from TOdOOR.

The Time

According some, the Christmas parties start on the 2nd and finish on the 22nd of December. “The best period is between the 10th and 21st of December. These are the dates when the clubs and restaurants are almost full of reservations for Christmas parties", says the popular party expert Silvia Todorova from TOdOOR.

The best dates for a few days Christmas party are 14th and 15th of December. Even more popular become the parties in January when everything has faded away and the stress from the holidays is almost gone. There are a lot of companies that prefer celebrating their Christmas parties then.

The Place

The options for an end-year office party are the same as the ones for an ordinary party: in the hall of a hotel, in a night club according its capacity, in a restaurant with the according animation and menu, in the office with bright decoration and catering, even abroad. The choice for the place depends on the budget, on the peoples’ mood in the office, the kind of the party, which is going to be organized. And last but not least, the preferences of the managers and the organizers that make the decisions and give the money.