TOdOOR solves your everyday problems

Office magazine


Issue 6, June 2005


Silvia Todorova is the founder and owner of the company. Born in Varna, she  lived four years in Tunisia. She first graduated a French Colleague, afterwards she studied in the University- International Tourism and has graduated two specialties in the Sofia University – French Philology and Tourism.    

Her first job performance was as an animator in the resort of Golden Sands. Her working experience continued as Restaurant manager and training coordinator at the Sheraton Sofia hotel, animator in Cyprus, Food manager in hotel Sheraton Doha, Qatar, Sales manager of Swissair and Sabena for Bulgaria, Director of Sales of hotel Radisson SAS, Sofia.

The modern life is a complex process. We are busy near 50 hours per week working and it is very hard to do all the personal tasks and to have a private life. As a result, most of the working people don’t have the ability to have a good private and social life. When there is a little free time, the list with the tasks is so big that the idea of a rest goes away because the tasks should be done.
TOdOOR is the company that has been made exactly for these reasons. The point of its appearance is to make busy peoples’ lives more easy, organized and happy. TOdOOR can provide you with a private assistant. The only thing you should do is to give your list with tasks to them and to trust them completely. Leave them to do all the things that you don’t have enough time for.
After an analysis of the needs and the desires of the client, the conditions that form it, the company starts working. An annual schedule with the dates of the events, holidays, and goals is elaborated to be followed. The purpose is to build a balance between the many tasks and obligations the very busy people have and the things they would do if they didn’t have such tasks and obligations.
For example, TOdOOR resolves problems like roof repairs or temporary secretary service. And even more, they do more specific service like organizing cocktails, anniversaries, for example, in Paris or Bansko. The team is ready to perform even the most off-beat desires and errands.


The services TOdOOR offers:

  • Lifestyle management;
  • Event management;
  • Office transfer;
  • Leisure entertainment;
  • Holiday and travel;
  • Daily errands;
  • Shopping;
  • Children/ Elderly care;
  • Pet care.