The woman whose hobby is her profession

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Vanya Hadgieva
Doctor of Economics

Silvia Todorova is the owner and the founder of TOdOOR. She is exclusively smiley and energetic woman who 2 years ago laid the basis of a new business in Bulgaria, services for the contemporary busy people - „Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services”. Time is our best fund in the dynamic world we live in. It is never enough and is already managed by machines with different size and speed – computers, telephones, organizers, etc.  All working people can be happy and have a rest with such kind of company for Lifestyle management & Concierge Services, explains Silvia. The list with services includes errands such as the organization of summer and winter holidays, providing tickets for concerts, theatre plays, reservation in a restaurant, cleaning of your office or home, building and renovating, buying and sending gifts to your relatives and many more.

After she graduated a French college, Silvia Todorova continues her education in the International Tourism University, then French Philology and Tourism in the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She doesn’t stop studding – continues with several international specialties, seminars and courses – Sofia, Brussels, Zürich, Lozana, Lugarno,  Oslo and Bratislava.  She gains skills in areas like Sales and Marketing, PR, Training programs, Leadership skills. Silvia gains experience and knowledge also from every position she has been working at – as a manager of a night club and trainings coordinator at hotel Sheraton Sofia, animator in Golden Sands resort, manager of the Food department in hotel Sheraton, Doha, Katar, sales manager in Swissair and Sabena for Bulgaria and a Sales director of hotel Radisson SAS Sofia. The different spheres in which she has developed herself gives her the possibility to become high qualified – to communicate and organize, to realize every her fresh idea, to convince and charm the ones around her. Everything mentioned above escalates into her own company.

The first meeting with Silvia is more than exciting – in front of me stands an exquisite lady, sending positive energy that goes around. When I saw her for the first time I had read some articles about lifestyle management companies, working somewhere round the world. I asked her what is she working and the answer is: “We design the time of the people.”  To save time of the very busy people is not just a point in the business plan of a new company – this is the mission of Silvia Todorova and her team.  

She defines the lapse of free time as the illness of the century. We have never enough time. Maybe we just cannot organize ourselves, our everyday life and to prioritize the tasks.  Unfortunately, we don’t feel good at the end of the day when we think, what we have done and what we haven’t done the same day. This means that we are not satisfied as a whole and express such emotions. This negative energy goes to our relatives and friends, explains Silvia Todorova. This is the reason why we are working in this sphere of business – we try to show people how important it is to have free time for our relatives and friends, says Silvia.

She remembers with tenderness for their most untraditional task that the team of TOdOOR had to manage. The occasion was the first landing of a plane of the Brussels Airlines at Sofia Airport last year. She organized the three national televisions with teams ready to shoot the track and how the plane would tear the ribbon while it is still landing just before it would stop. At the last moment, on the track, in front of the teams of the media, the manager of the security of Sofia Airport told Silvia that this is impossible to happen. Although she has received an approval beforehand, it occurred that this is absolutely unacceptable at the event. I tried to explain to two men with grey hair from “calm” life that there are no impossible things, but only hard things, Silvia Todorova remembers herself. I needed 5 minutes convincing them and then we made the plan. It is true that for the safety of the people, while the plain is stopping everyone should be a lot of meters away. There is almost no one at a great distance. But we did it – the ribbon was held at its two sides by the vice president of the Brussels airlines and the executive director for the region of East Europe. I was very proud with this success, she adds. 

Every business has advantages and disadvantages, and so does this business. 

The advantages, Silvia Todorova thinks, is that she keeps a lot of contacts, she feels content from the fact that she makes her clients happy, she has always a lot of different loyal professionals in touch. The company itself is very interesting – the first and still the only company in Bulgaria for Lifestyle management and Concierge services. The only thing that, in fact, can not be thought for a disadvantage, is that you have to be 24 hours available for your clients. When you have studied and know what to do in crisis situations you can easily resolve peoples’ problems.
According to her the Bulgarian still is not enough ready for such kind of services.
The Bulgarian still can’t go over the wall and to confide his/ her house to someone else. It is much easier to work with Bulgarians who have lived abroad. They can give their lives to you. The Bulgarians are aware of the business, but they use one or two services and few give us to organize their private life, says Silvia Todorova.

The Balance

She believes that this business is the future. People are getting busier and miss the details of their everyday life. I believe that companies like ours that guarantee faith and quality are going to be much estimated. It is very hard but also it is a great challenge to see the happy faces of the clients, she is convinced. 

The desire for something new and the need for development and perfection make her go ahead. Last but not least, is the fact that some day TOdOOR is going to be remembered as the first company that has developed this dynamic business in Bulgaria.  

Silvia Todorova believes that time is money. According to her, you can bring a new client, in stead of chatting with friends during the working day, she is confirmed. The free time and the non financial dimension – the joy of living, the happiness of sharing the love, the happiness to do good, the happiness to realize your dreams, the happiness to have dreams at all.  

The Dreams

Silvia Todorova has a lot of dreams in professional and private aspect.  In professional aspect she wants to see her company as a big structure. She strongly believes that she is going to succeed in making the most interesting TV show and to be the funniest and the most interesting master of ceremony in Bulgaria. In the private life she wants her family to be healthy, mostly her parents, to see her daughter satisfied from her own achievements in life, and for herself – to continue to be happy with the man she lives with now – they are very patient one to another. The other dream, really modest, is to buy an almost ruined house near Sofia, which she recently saw and liked it a lot.

Like every busy person Silvia doesn’t have enough time for her friends, for her daughter and for her favorite books. Rarely does she visit the rock bars she likes, but instead, she would like to have any sleep at all, to be fresh at the morning.

She answers the question if she considers herself successful as follows: “I consider myself as a really successful woman. I don’t think that I have managed all my dreams. But I already have my hobby for a profession and my vocation is to make people happy. This is the best jewelry I wear every day and I wish it to everybody.“  Be smiley, do good and develop yourselves all the time, is her advice.