The business to turn to do list into a done list

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Nadejda Genova


Silvia Todorova is the owner and the creator of TOdOOR Ltd., the company for LifeStyle Management & Concierge Services, based in 2005.

She worked in hotel Sheraton in Sofia and Doha, Katar, she was the sales manager of Swissair and Sabena for Bulgaria and a sales director of hotel Radisson SAS, Sofia, before she made her company. She studied some specialties in Brussels, Zurich, Lozana, Lugarno, Oslo and Bratislava in the sphere of sales and marketing, PR, training coordination and leadership skills.   

Companies like TOdOOR are very popular round the world, because make life easier and organized. They save time for the busy people, provide private assistants and the only thing you should do is to give your to do list and to confide to them. If you are approved to be our client, you pay an annual membership fee and then you can count on a true professional, loyal and qualitative service from the team of TOdOOR.
The company develops and provides services at high level in two other spheres of business:
•  Event management – seminars, conferences, team building activities, corporate weekends, organizing every event with a lot of positive energy and “soul”. 
•  Property management – includes a lot of diverse services that provide safety and development of the property. And this is the activity we are going to tell you more in this issue.

What are the specific and the obligatory element concerning the office buildings and why are they preferred (more than office in a dwelling house, for example)?

The main characteristic of the business buildings is their functionality. If we look with the eyes of the clients the advantages of the office areas are good communicative places, comfort, effectiveness, business vision, security.

Very important element of the functionality of the business buildings is the easy communication with clients and partners. The location is of a great importance – the comfortable transport accessibility, near to the main transport arteries provides easy and smooth access. The parking lot is also meaningful.

The business buildings are built for business and the structure itself helps it – better and safety lifts, more access points, 24 hour security, control of the access, stronger electricity net, and related to the needs of the high consumption, central air conditioning and central heating, better communications – telephones, internet, Wi-fi networks. 

The infrastructure of the region of the building is of a great importance for the effectiveness of the offices. The proper places for working meetings, lunch, coffee breaks, and conferent halls and so on are also more comfortable for the working progress. Such property saves time for organization of business events. 
Very important is also the possibility for fast and qualitive reorganization of the office space. The companies can arrange the offices the way they are going to be more comfortable and functional for the employees.   

And I don’t want to miss the fact that it doesn’t sound professional when you go to a business meeting with an important future partner or client – in fact the clients are our partners, and then you see at the entrance of the dwelling that someone has put out underwear; or to listen the machines of the neighbor who is making a renovation of his apartment.

In the countries of West Europe the opening of offices in dwelling buildings is not permitted for a long time. I believe that this will happen also in Bulgaria as a trend for professionalism and guarantee.

How do companies for Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services like TOdOOR succeed with the whole service of the office buildings?

I am really happy of the fact that we are still the only company in Bulgaria that provides full, high professional and loyal service of our individual clients.

A year ago such individual client bought an office in a business building and wanted our company to manage the whole building. It occurred that the property management company that provided services before that was not working at the right high level, although the services were expensive.
Unfortunately, in Bulgaria there are still many people who want easy and fast money, without thinking of the quality of the service.

It was not so difficult to start developing this business – we disposed with a team of good professionals in different areas of business. This gives us the clue for the Property management – business and luxurious private buildings.  
Our main mission is to provide our clients the full package of services in their homes and offices, which gives them the needed free time.

What are the necessary resources and conditions for the property management of a business building?

Our experience to cope with urgent tasks and to be done fast and qualitative is a great advantage in the property management business. We have a great data base with companies vendors of all kinds – plumbers, builders, internet services, hardwear services, electricity services, etc. All this gives us the possibility to react in short terms and to do the services with high quality.   
When you start managing such an office building, you should make a research of the building- plans, drawings, permits, licenses etc. After the analysis of the necessary resources, a list with the needed services is made.

The selection for the security for the building depends on the possibilities of the building for installation and exploitation of technique for monitoring, control and risk evaluation, the wanted security level, etc.

We work with security companies in the office buildings and with concierge men for the little buildings.

We also provide our vendors for the cleanliness of the big buildings and the maintenance of the green areas. For the smaller buildings we use our team.

What are the perspectives for centralized office buildings and centers and for the using of Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services companies in Bulgaria?

As I already said the perspective for the business companies, which really work and have their office in an office building is serious and meaningful. 
Well, the rent costs a lot, but, in case the company is active and develops itself, this should be the business decision.

It would be great if more investors and building companies give more time, recourses and professionalism while building the projects. Otherwise companies like ours have the serious task to provide tranquil, safety, and beautiful everyday life to others. 
Unfortunately, we still have to tell the building companies to make some repairs.

Well, the perspectives for the unique services of Lifestyle Management & Concierge services, I think that in Bulgaria there are a lot of possibilities for the future. It is easier to work with Bulgarians lived abroad, because they want to have a calm and safety life and to be sure that someone is going to resolve their everyday problems – not the private problems (she is laughing). Let’s turn a to do list into a done list.

This kind of service can be used as an immaterial motivation of the employees of a company.  Using it they can have some of their everyday tasks done by a special assistant – dry cleaning, shopping, repairs, buying tickets for concerts or theatre, organizing the holidays or excursions. So, dear employers, have your employees work for you during the working day and don’t let them thinking how to have a business meeting just to do their private tasks when they are out of the office. Offer them a package of services of TOdOOR.

Finally, I am going to represent our third activity of the company – event management, which closes the cycle of our activities. Whether it will be a New Year party or a weekend for the partners – extreme, for example, it is our vocation and pleasure to organize it.

Do look, speak and act professionally and your life is going to be like a positive song!