Silvia Todorova: from 9 till 5



Silvia Todorova is the executive director of a company for Lifestyle management - TOdOOR. She has graduated a French college and the University of International Tourism. After that she continued with French Philology and Tourism at the University in Sofia. 

Before she lays the basis of her company, Silvia works in hotel Sheraton in Sofia and Doha, as a Sales Manager in Swissair and Sabena for Bulgaria and as a Sales Director of hotel Radisson SAS in Sofia. She made a series of specialties in Brussels, Zurich, Lozana, Lugano, Oslo and Bratislava in the sphere of marketing, PR, personnel training and leadership skills. 

Agencies like TOdOOR are very popular round the world because they make life easier and more organized. They provide your private assistant, and the only thing you should do is to give your list with tasks and to confide to them.

The day starts with…
For many years it’s the same – with smile and saying out loud “Life is wonderful.” Then I have my ordinary glass of warm water and orange juice with grapefruit and lemon.

On my desk I have…
Two mobile phones, a CD player, lap top, a lot of slips of paper, an organizer…and good mood. 

My chair…
Mobile, comfortable, big, radiating confidence.

The toys…
This is the never ending childhood feeling for dreams and magic. I have on my bed two duvet toys – a snow man and an elephant and I hug them every evening and morning. 

I have lunch…
Sometimes fast but delicious lunch in the office, often with friends and clients in my favorite restaurants. I am trying to have fewer dinners late at night. 

Right now I am working on…
Organizing the details for the Christmas parties, finishing a really important deal with the National Palace of Culture, having a new project in Dragalevci and the most important – to convince everyone around me that there are wonders at Christmas time.

What are your personal rules?
There are many. Here are some of them: be always positive, help others, be natural, fair and loyal, work on your character – never give up to negative emotions, find your vocation, and let it be your everyday life, find more time for your relatives and friends and say to them that you love them, read books as often as possible, dance and have fun once a week, travel once monthly, be in love 24 hours. 

What is your most important lesson?
Do not exaggerate, because there are always injured ones. Always say to the ones you love, that you love them.

Why do you love your work?
Because it is my vocation – I make people happy…what else can give you more happiness?

What do you do after work?
Well, I don’t have any time for this kind of stuff…I love to see my daughter. She is my best friend. Well, sometimes I am really mad because of her.  

What helps you in tough moments?
The positive thoughts and the trust from all my friends, that nothing could stop me. 

What distinguishes you from the other people?
The unusual sincere smiling appearance.

What challenges you?
The new unknown projects and the very intelligent persons.

Do you want to change something in the sphere you work?
This is a very common question. I work in few spheres of business and I would like more ambitious and open minded people to work with, the rivals to be loyal to each other and to be even friends. I want to be more concrete for one of our business spheres – builders, please, find places and build more big halls, equipped with the proper technique and facilities for high events. And also the so called themselves “professionals” be professionals.

When were you last afraid and why?
This summer I felt the biggest fear – that I could never see my daughter again. Working as a model in X-ground (she is already not there), Alexandra, was elected to go on a contest in Skopie. She was almost kidnapped with the other girls. I had to wake up the Bulgarian ambassador in order to save them and to send them back in Bulgaria. Thank you, Desi Panova!

The best virtues in your profession are…
Some of the most important are – positive thought, knowledge, experience and reliable contacts.