One day with…Silvia Todorova

Vladimir Hristovski

Silvia Todorova starts her day in exactly the same way every day – with a smile, saying out loud “Life is wonderful!”
Who is she and why we decided to write this article about her day of life? Find out by yourselves.

Silvia strongly believes that everything happens for a reason. After more than 20 years of hotel business experience and 5 years in the airline business in Bulgaria and abroad, Silvia transforms her passion in her profession and opens the doors of TOdOOR – the sunniest company for event management. TOdOOR is the first company in Bulgaria that provides Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services.

Organizing events that breathe and are long remembered is a realized dream for Silvia. The professionalism and the never ending positivity are the basis of her success. 

07:00: Today is a day when the enthusiasm and the excitement prevail. Today the citizens of Varna are going to meet and feel the spirit of TOdOOR at a spectacular party in the resort St.Konstantin and Elena. The company is going to present its new office in Varna. Silvia and the team are sure that now is the moment for development and success. Her beautiful daughter Alexandra Nikolova supports her in everything and thinks the same.  

09:00: Silvia, as a professionalist, thinks that the success of a event is mainly based on the little details. Definitely the accent should be at them. The team has discussed the action plan and they start the preparations for the great night. Four attractive areas will be set in the hotel, promoting the different type of events, the areas for the food menu should be prepared, the cocktail tables as well, the sound check should finish at time, the barmen, dressed in red, the costume of the beautiful Hawaii girl and more and more. 

19:00: The guests are arriving. Everybody is in red and white as the  demanded  dress code. The Invitation – a CD with a personal message for every guest, written personally by Silvia. It was a true fairy in red and white – the corporate colors of TOdOOR. 

21:00: Silvia welcomes and begins the party. This is her true passion – to be in the role of animator, amusing the guests with incredible charm and smile.

00:3: Silvia is really happy – the event was amazing with great music,  passionate dances and a lot of good mood. This is the life of Silvia Todorova. It is full of energy and emotions, because there is nothing by chance. The true good things happen to the true ready for this people.