Happy Birthday, TOdOOR!

Exterior Magazine

Issue 2, 2007
Nadezda Genova

And it feels like…a party!

I have always thought that during my modest 30-year life experience, I have been to parties of all kind – crazy, different, colorful, noisy, and unforgettable birthday parties. 

Well, it occurred that it is not like I thought!

It was written on the Invitation “Dress code – shabby jeans”. When I read it I smiled and put on my modern shabby jeans, absolutely sure that I am going at the consecutive snobbish event.

Well, it occurred that it is not like I thought!

Parking place, tires instead of chairs, plenty of my favorite whiskey PASSPORT, sweet cakes from the cake house that succeeded to tempt me, my favorite club singer Ani Lozanova and…many, many naturally smiled faces. Till I could get to know where I am and that this is not that snobbish event I imagined, surprise! Silvia flew with a tractor into the parking! A real, big and very easy to manage at first site tractor! 

Silvia Todorova – the executive manager of TOdOOR (www.todoor.net) -the first company for Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services in Bulgaria. This is a contemporary way of have more free time  for a better life. The motto of the company is: “Design your time!” and the team says with a smile: We make every “list with tasks” in a “list with done tasks”!” and this makes you smile and dream (well, this happened with me). And so, this unique Bulgarian company made its second year and on its birthday made a completely different, open-minded and with rock spirit party!

Boys and girls on skates, happily flitting among the guests – this is how the hosts looked during the whole time. 

One of the great attractions was the organized show for the present journalists. They had to prove their cuisine skills and to make a unique cake – on breathing models. The two teams won a bottle of scotch whiskey (Ballantines и Passport).

There was a generous ruffle - the team of “Europe” television won an exotic chinchilla, BNT – a dinner for two persons in the restaurant of hotel “Sheraton”, the photographic web sites Bulphoto, Tilllate and Night-life won the great cake from “Gavrosh”, an incredible watch from Goodyear. The members of Exterior Magazine won a mobile phone from “Motorola” (our marketing manager is still secretly smiling at it). The biggest prize of this underground party was two air tickets, provided from “British Airways”. They were won by one of the hosts of the party – marketing manager of Rapid (the company that has given its parking for the event).

It was crazy, stylish, furious and glorious! And this was just the second birthday of TOdOOR…
Dear Friends, Happy Birthday!

I wish you the people around you to be always as happy as they were that night!