Event Management



When we enter a dress shop, we expect the consultants to offer us the most appropriate dress after they understand what will be the occasion for wearing and after they see our figure. We should feel beautiful, comfortable, we should look spectacular and thus everyone is going to comment – “You are remarkable, how did you do it…I want to do it myself!


This is our goal toward you – to understand the reason you contacted us, to collect the necessary information and to offer you a concept specially designed for your company. And the generally shared view will be “You are the best, how did you achieve it, we want more!”


The reasons to organize a company anniversary, cocktail or seminar, team building, promotion, Christmas party for your clients, are different – prestige, growth, respect, corporate policy, gratitude, tradition…

The reason to choose us to organize your corporate or private event is our team of proven professionals and personalities.


Type of events we organize:

  • Corporate events
  • Personal events
  • Projects


We arrange  professional teams of:


  • Promoters
  • Translators, interpreters
  • Assistants
  • Animators