Dear present and future TOdOOR friends!


The fact that you’re reading these words, makes me extremely happy – it certainly means, that we will meet someday and we will brim you over with our enthusiasm and positive spirit.

I strongly believe that one shall consider himself lucky if he’s blessed by destiny to discover his vocation and turn it into profession. In this case the whole universe helps us to be satisfied with our work, to bring along a sunny mood and great ambition, to be insatiable of new challenges and knowledge.

Presently I regard this as the most precious thing we can offer you as a team – we love what we do and we do it with passion and soul.

And as I like my words in rhyme to list:

Design your time

And go through our website,

Explore the texts online

And see the photo smile,

Don’t shine

And call us next time!




Dear friends, be healthy and don’t forget that everything happens for a reason!

Silvia Todorova

Executive Director